The Lowe - Down on Game Day:

Where to Watch & How UT Athletics Boosts Tourism and Real Estate Investments in Austin

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Welcome Longhorn fans! Justin Lowe here with my first edition of "the Lowe-Down," the ultimate guide to thriving in my hometown and bustling city of Austin, Texas. Today, we're diving deep into the heart of football season, exploring how the University of Texas Athletics drastically impacts travel and tourism in the city, and why this makes Austin a prime location for investment properties.


UT Athletics: A Boon for Austin’s Tourism Industry

The University of Texas Athletics, renowned nationally, not only brings unparalleled vigor and excitement to the city but also significantly contributes to the travel and tourism industry in Austin. Every home game transforms the city into a bustling hub of enthusiasts, tourists, and some of the over 480,000 alumni converging to cheer for the Longhorns. This surge in visitors means a continual demand for accommodation, making it a ripe season for short-term rental properties to flourish.

A Score for Investment Property Owners

Owning an investment property in Austin is not just a venture; it's a voyage into a lively community centered around a rich tradition of athleticism and camaraderie. With a consistent influx of visitors during the football season, short-term rentals witness a boom, presenting a rewarding opportunity for property owners. Being the in-house brokerage for the renowned short-term rental company, Renters Club, Land& facilitates prospective property investors to carve out a lucrative path in this booming market.

Your Guide to the Best Away-Series Game Watch Spots

As much as the city vibrates with energy during the home games, the spirit remains undying even during the away series. Austin has got you covered with an array of spots to catch the game and soak in the exhilarating atmosphere with fellow fans. Let's check out "the Lowe-Down" on where to have the ultimate football viewing experience:

  • Shoal Creek Saloon: A cherished gem in Austin, nestled beside the picturesque Shoal Creek. Known for its New Orleans-inspired vibe and cuisine, it offers patrons a vibrant yet relaxed setting to enjoy a game day.
  • Posse East: A historic venue that’s seen over 50 years of Longhorn fans, offering a traditional setting with a fantastic array of drinks to keep your spirits high during the game.
  • Pluckers: Founded by two UT alumni, Pluckers has transcended its humble beginnings to become an Austin staple. Though the original location is no more, the spirit of Pluckers thrives, now bigger and better with venues across the city. It's not just a wing bar, but a testament to Austin's vibrant spirit, offering the ultimate game day experience with every visit.
  • Dirty Martin's : Known for its welcoming atmosphere, it's a place where generations have gathered to enjoy great food and football fever. Elevate your game day experience by ordering the OT Specials topped with a burst of flavors from onions and japs.
  • The Tavern: Step into this Austin staple for a timeless experience. The Tavern’s blend of history and modernity makes it a choice destination for both new and seasoned UT fans. Order the Mexican white wings and watch an array of TV screens for an uninterrupted viewing experience. 
  • Matts El Rancho: Take a seat in the bar area and enjoy the live-action on the big screens while sipping on a mesmerizing Mexican Martini, rimmed with a half salt-half Tajin blend to spice up your game viewing experience.
  • Little Woodrow's on 6th: Situated in the iconic 6th street district, Little Woodrow's offers a dynamic viewing experience with multiple screens and a beer garden to boot.
  • Cover 3: This upcoming venue is quickly turning into a hot favorite with its immersive viewing experience and a menu that promises to leave your mouth watering. You CAN'T go wrong when ordering the wings! 

    Whether you're a visitor taking in the excitement of UT athletics or an investor eyeing the lucrative real estate opportunities offered by the buoyant season, Austin promises a winning streak. Reach out to us at Land& to learn more about how you can score big in Austin’s real estate playground, and remember to stay tuned for more insider tips on "the Lowe-Down".

    Catch you on the next Lowe-Down!

    — Justin Lowe, Land& Broker

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