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Celebrating National Vodka Day & ACL Weekend with Tito's - Austin's Own

Happy Hour Drinks

Hey there! Justin Lowe here, bringing you another edition of "The Lowe Down." I've seen this city grow, shift, and transform into the dynamic hub it is today. From the harmonious tunes of ACL to our local distilleries making a splash on the global stage, there's no place like Austin.

Now, speaking of tunes and spirits, did you know that today is National Vodka Day? And, to add to the revelry, this weekend marks the first of ACL (Austin City Limits Music Festival). Given that we're in the business of providing top-tier investment opportunities with Land& and personal property management through @rentersclub, we're all about merging business with pleasure.…

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As brokers & agents at Land&, we've always believed in the transformative power of real estate. Property isn't just a physical entity—it's an opportunity, a vision, and a dream all rolled into one. But in a city as dynamic as Austin, the sheer number of listings can be overwhelming for investors. How do you filter out the noise and focus on the true gems? That's where we come in. 

We also know that investing in STRs isn't just about purchasing a property; it's about curating an experience. It's about identifying those unique properties that promise not just a return on investment but a memorable stay for every guest. 

And yes, a quick calendar check might reveal it's not quite October. But considering Austin’s October buzz, a little early bird…

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Happy Hour Drinks

Hi Friends, 

JLowe here with another Lowe-Down to help you navigate the vibrant social scene in Austin. Part of the joy in what I do as your local Austin broker is not just helping you find the ideal home or investment but ensuring it’s situated near a place that brings joy to your life. Being close to spots where you can gather, relax, and experience what makes Austin genuinely unique is essential. And what better way to get to know a city than by exploring its happy hour spots?

I am excited to bring you the crème de la crème of Austin’s happy hours. Let’s dive right in!



A cornerstone in Austin's dining scene, Truluck's never disappoints, especially when it comes to their happy hour. While enjoying discounted prices, you…

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The Lowe - Down on Game Day:

Where to Watch & How UT Athletics Boosts Tourism and Real Estate Investments in Austin

Happy Hour Drinks

Welcome Longhorn fans! Justin Lowe here with my first edition of "the Lowe-Down," the ultimate guide to thriving in my hometown and bustling city of Austin, Texas. Today, we're diving deep into the heart of football season, exploring how the University of Texas Athletics drastically impacts travel and tourism in the city, and why this makes Austin a prime location for investment properties.


UT Athletics: A Boon for Austin’s Tourism Industry

The University of Texas Athletics, renowned nationally, not only brings unparalleled vigor and excitement to the city but also significantly contributes to the travel and tourism…

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Taking Advantage of Low Mortgage

Variety of designer stores on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California

The economic decline of 2018 has increased real estate investment in the US during the pre-pandemic period. The industry received $470.7 billion, registering a 19% uptick in capitalization. Domestic institutions’ decision to boost their net holdings is seen to contribute to this development. Increased domestic activity is cited as the primary reason for the improved investment flow to the sector, which effectively turned around two consecutive years of decline. Additionally, new tech such as real estate management platforms has been boosting property owners’ management capabilities.

This has been the story before the pandemic. In fact, global institutional-grade real estate has been projected to expand by…

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